Google Navigation problems


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Nov 9, 2009
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There is a pre-loaded app called Car Home, from which to navigate. I understood that it worked in conjunction with Nav4All, which I thought was google's navigation program. I've downloaded Nav4All, set the settings to avoid highways, but when I go to Car Home and actually navigate it has me on highways. What have I done wrong?

My navigation system has to have an avoid highways feature.

Thanks, Sherry
Car Home works in conjunction with Google Maps navigation.

If you search for an address via Google Maps and click Directions you can also have a link to Navigate which will launch this. Check settings while the app is active to see if you can avoid highways, etc...
I regret that the settings don't help. Search, Route Info, Layers, Mute, Exit Navigation and More, which consisists of Directions List (details), Choose Detination, Help and Terms, Privacy and Notices).

Interestingly, you do get 3 choices of route on one screen. I'm guessing this is to avoid a traffic jam. This is under route information. But the three choices each have a highway.

I've had a number of navigation systems - VZ Navigator, AT&T Navigator and many in cars. I've never had one that did not give the option of avoid highways (and usually tolls and tunnels and hov lanes.)

Also this is the oddest navigation. It is almost impossible to get out of. Now and then the exit navigation comes up but rarely. Sherry