Google Music - Wont stop Downloading while on 3/4G - Bionic


Feb 17, 2010
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When playing around with Google Music today I noticed something that may affect your Battery/Data consumption:

Streaming via 3G or 4G...I have my options set to NOT CACHE MUSIC and to DOWNLOAD VIA WIFI ONLY. The Stream music via Wifi is unchecked (obviously or I couldn't stream on any G network).

When playing a song from any online Album, it starts to play.
I checked the Download Queue and I noticed that there were several other songs from that same album queued..When one finished, the next one would start up.

To get it to stop I had to set option to Stream only on WiFi and set my Library to Offline Only.

It kinda P'd me off because for the last day I've been trying to get a battery life measurement and the whole time, Google Music was downloading stuff even though I had set the options to NOT download and not to cache anything.

While I would not have a problem with this while on WiFi, it is a huge issue if I'm out on the road. Granted, I could put my stuff on the SD card, but damnit, I shouldn't have to :)

Was curious if this was just my phone, or are others seeing this.
I have tried to uninstall/re-install. Tried battery pull..blah blah..seems like a google beta bug to me, but just throwing it out there.