Google Maps staying on at NIGHT on sleep mode??


Apr 2, 2012
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Hi there! New to this forum but not new to Droid devices. Got my Rezound last it! Set the power to go to sleep mode at night and up until 2 nights ago it lost very little power overnight. Then the last two nights it went from 100 to 40%. Checked battery usage and the #1 user was Google Maps? I don't have my GPS on nor is anything else I know of using maps.

Did a search but couldn't find anything close to this. Sorry to post another battery issue thread....I know how those get. Thanks for any help/ideas! Cheers:biggrin:
Did you kill Google Maps? Reboot your phone? Also, do you have fastboot on? Fastboot doesn't play nicely with all apps so it's one option that I would suggest turning off. Lastly, if sleep mode interrupted some internal update or whatever google maps might have been doing that could be why it stuck killing your phone.
Since I use GM often I "may" have exited without backing all the way out. Didn't reboot nor do I use Fastboot either. I'll keep an eye on it tonight and hope it's just an anomoly. Thanks for the reply Mr. Smith!
Why not leave the phone on the charger overnight?
I could do that....but what I am trying to figure out is what is causing the "problem". Anything that drains the battery unnecessarily should be least I think so.;)
How's it looking so far?
Well, Maps at least wasn't on the battery usage list last night...but discharge in a sleep state is still much more than I would expect. I guess anything that gets regular notifications (news, e-mail, etc) will put a drain even when the phone isn't touched. Will look at getting an extra battery...the OEM's are pretty cheap. Was interested in the extended (not the huge one) but $45 for a battery is a bit much IMO.
Honestly, if you're putting your phone to sleep rather than leaving it on the charger, maybe just turn it off..??
Haha I remember a few nights ago Google maps showed up as 2% of by battery usage without me ever using it

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