Google Maps and Navigation question


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Jul 24, 2010
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When you are navigating somewhere and you click on the layers option it pops a list of layers such as traffic view, satellite, parking, gas stations atm & banks and restaurants and when selected will display all the one on the maps as pop up icons. Alternately, if you click on "show on map" instead of "navigate" the layers button is far from usefully - only allowing you to select traffic, satellite, terrain, buzz and latitude along with anything you have searched for recently.

Is there some setting I'm missing that allows you to use the "navigate: layers on the plain map? The maps layers seem frustrating and useless, especially the "more layers" option that only shows my maps, bicycling, Wikipedia, transit lines and favorite places (in select cities).
I think all of that stuff shows up when you hit "search" in map mode. and when you select something it will remain then on the navigate layers pallet until superseded. Yes, it would be great to have a colored line on the map view to show route. I haven't tried zooming into "route view" (the one that zooms way out and shows a simplified route from beginning to end.) You could try that. I am in between droids or would check for you. Sold my droid too soon and X isn't anywhere to be found.
On my Droid X it will show the colored line on the "Show on Map" mode and trace your path. If I search for restaurants using search they will populate on the map. My question is there a way to have restaurants and the previous aforementioned places in the navigate mode's layers button be constant in the "show on map" version.