Google I/O 2014: Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android Wear, Google Fit & More


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Dec 30, 2010
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Here's a quick rundown of what we might expect out of Google I/O 2014 later this week:

Android 5.0 Lollipop - It's probably a given that the next version of Android will be revealed at I/O this year. This next version is the "L" release. Most of the smart money is betting on Lollipop for the latest name, but it could just as easily be something else. Google even changed their name on the fly before (see Key Lime Pie switching to KitKat). We've also heard rumors of a new Android redesign called "Quantum Paper"; however, we suspect that is for a future version of Android and won't necessarily show up in Android 5.0. Of course, we would love to be proven wrong!

Google Fit - This will be Android's new focus on fitness. It will be an app hub designed around health and fitness, and is meant to compete with Apple's version which debuted at WWDC. We expect Google to announce several partnerships with other companies to promote this new product/service. We also expect it to be integrated into Android Wear.

Android Wear & Smartwatches - Speaking of... we decided to lump Android Wear and smartwatches together since they are obviously symbiotic. Google's current vision of smartwatches is as a companion device to your smartphone. The Android Wear OS will be designed with that in mind and will likely include the Google Fit software as part of the deal. We might see the LG G Watch and/or Moto 360 revealed at this event. In fact, current intel suggests Google will be giving I/O attendees a free LG G Watch, so we should expect that one at the very least.

Google Auto Link - this is Google's competitor product to Apple's CarPlay OS for automobiles. We've heard rumblings about Google's in-car OS for sometime, and it's a good bet we will see it at I/O this year.

Those are the main things we expect to see at the event this year. It's possible we might get a few more tidbits about the next Nexus product, Google Glass, and Project Ara, but we don't expect it. Project Ara is still a work in progress in Google's development labs, while Google Glass is already available in limited quantities. It's possible we might see some updates and new apps for Google Glass, but there probably won't be a big focus on this product. As far as the next Nexus is concerned, it would be unusual for Google to reveal it at I/O, because that's not really what the event is geared toward. It is highly probable the next Nexus device, whether phone, tablet or both will get its own event.

Stay tuned on June 25th and June 26th as we bring you all of the news which filters out of the event.
Wanna hear more about this Google Auto link... always would like yo have more connectivity with my car and my phone