Google Docs Mobile Editing is here for Android!

Yeah, for me I can get into my document, but can't scroll at all. Also, the virtual keyboard doesn't pop up, but i can type with the physical keyboard, but that doesn't do me any good because i can't scroll..... Oh well, in time it will work better i'm sure.
Re: Google docs

I just tested this, and I posted about it yesterday, here is my theory.

I had the create new button, but I could not edit existing docs. I created a new doc and was able to edit it. I think it is because I hadn't saved the existing docs for a while. I wonder if there is something I need to do on my computer, that might subtly change the format, that will allow it to be edited on my phone. I noticed the icons on are different between existing docs and the one I just created.

I would test it if I could get to google docs from work.

I've been playing around on my free time and it just moves too slow for me. I think I'll suck up the $15 and get "Documents to Go" especially with the new features they have added into it recently.