Google Calendar problem


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May 5, 2010
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Northern California
I've been using the Google calendar for some time and have set it up so that there are several different calendars, ie work, vacation, holidays, and the general all purpose view. With the different calendars you can have a different color for each entry which make is easy to see what your planning.

So I get the Incredible because it's supposed to work flawlessly with all the Google apps. I set up email and contacts without any problems. But the calendar doesn't want to show all my different calendars. I checked the settings for which calendars to show and they are all selected. But they don't all show. Nor will entries sync with Google when I put a new entry into the Incredible.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any solutions?


Other than this problem, I absolutely love this phone! I had a Palm Centrino that was okay, but this one is spectacular!