Google Assistant Is Now Available On The Nvidia Shield TV!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Nvidia Shield TV is the industries best Android TV streaming device in my personal opinion. It does just about anything you would want an in home media center to be able to do from streaming 4K content to playing full graphics PC games. The Nividia Shield TV just got even better today. The latest update includes Google Assistant!

With the new Google Assistant you can ask questions, search apps on SHIELD, control media with your voice using commands like "pause" or "Play Game Of Thrones". Google Assistant on the Shield TV also comes with visual context. Ask for the score and you will get other pertinent information like divisional standings. You can even ask the Assistant to show you your photos from your Google photos account. The integrated Google assistant can also link up with devices that support it so you can ask Google assistant to do things like dim your lights. This is a pretty sweet upgrade if you ask me!


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