Google adds instant search to mobile site




Google instant search is one of the latest features Google has created to make our lives easier. It seems they are bringing this awesome feature to mobile phones. In a recent update to their mobile site, Google included instant search. If you are unfamiliar as to what Instant Search does it suggests results based on your typing in real time. It automatically updates as you type more and potentially saves you a lot of time by showing you common search terms.

Features like these are always welcome to the mobile users, and personally, while I don’t use Google’s mobile site much… I can imagine how this might be included in the Market or some other Android services.
Just noticed it today on my X its works great. Love it but for some reason it keeps going to off by default i have had to turn it on twice now. Might be Dolphin HD doing that though donno.
One of the most annoying features Google has created in my opinion. I find it distracting as heck when it keeps popping new searches with every new letter I add.

Glad there's an "off" switch.
I think I'm gonna have to turn this off too, not my cup of tea:blink:
Meh its ok but I can't see the results on my X as the keyboard takes up half the screen. I agree that its not always worth it when it only takes 3 seconds to finish typing though.

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