Goofy Android pic

I'm going to be honest, it made me chuckle :smile-b:
Where can you buy those at I've looking for them! Lol

Agreed. They are pretty cool lol.

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Oh ny! I want one! How much was it?

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Lol hey! I won one of those from the screen shot contest a while back
can you buy them from somewhere? I'd like to have one of those too
There's a big one in the front lawn of the Google head office. Don't take that one! :)

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Mine is protecting Spiderman

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Andy protecting a super hero, now that is cooperation!
That is pretty cool. :)

BTW, I ordered mine from but there are numerous places online that have 'em. Amazon, etc...just Google for Android figurines and you'll get a slew of results. I think there was even a thread here in the News forum that mentioned they are also available at Barnes & Noble.