Going to be flying with the DX2, any apps or accessories you'd suggest?


Nov 30, 2009
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I'm flying from Maryland to Washington State. two 3 hour flights with a 1 hour layover. I figure my laptop won't last long, as the plane apparently doesn't have power ports, even in first class.

I ordered the on the go charger from Motorola. Not sure if I'll buy wifi access or not. Will the GPS be able to work fast enough to clock the speed of the plane? Any travel apps to suggest? I'm flying Delta if it matters.

I might just download some extra podcasts. It would be nice to be able to plug my laptop in, but not enough time between flights to even bother.

Any cool apps specific to flying or travel? I guess I'll get to use airplane mode for real.
Beeping countdown timer app

Its subtle beeps that get closer in intervals as your set time approaches should make for some really entertaining looks from other passrngers

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What part of Washington are you visiting? And I believe the GPS haaves the option to set it to plane traveling so it might be able to match the planes speed.

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Just load up on some pod casts. Flying across the US isn't that long of a flight.

Try flying Seattle-Baltimore-Buenos Aires.

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I frequently fly between Richmond, VA and Seattle, WA or Portland, OR. I use my Droid 3 (and previously the OG Droid) for reading ebooks and listening to music (on the SD card not streaming). I have used GoGoInflight wifi with these devices and it works well.

If you use the GPS function (and some airlines prohibit the use of GPS devices on aircraft), your battery life will drop rapidly and your DroidX2 may not have enough battery life for the entire trip.

Again, if you use wifi, you may experience battery life problems.

To combat battery life issues, carry a fully charged spare battery.

Other accessories:

1. Travel power strip (3-outlet); if there is a shortage of outlets in the airport, you can then share with someone.
2. AC charger and USB cable
3. COMFORTABLE, good quality head phones/ear buds. This is a long flight and comfort is needed.
4. ebook reader with books on the device
5. music player with music on the device
6. games - be careful some are battery hogs

Here is a trick I have used on 2 legs to make sure my Droid lasted 2 legs when there is not enough time to fully recharge its battery.
1. Before leaving on the trip prepare your laptop. Start up the laptop and shut down as many apps as possible. Place the laptop into 'HIBERNATE' mode if possible, otherwise shut down. Leave the laptop plugged in until the battery is fully charged.

2. On the first leg do not use your laptop!

3. On the second leg, power up the laptop, dim the screen as much as possible and plug the USB cable between the laptop and the phone. If possible, connect using "Charge Mode" only. This provide power to charge/run your DroidX2.

My laptop battery lasted 4+ hours in this mode as you are not doing anything with the laptop while the Droid became nearly fully charged.

Have a good trip!
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For the one that asked, I am going to Spokane Valley.

I also have two external batteries. One is 2600mah and the other is that flat Motorola one. I think it's 1800mah. So hopefully that should provide enough battery for both flights.
That's plenty for audio and some video. Airplane mode saves a ton of battery power.