Going into big red tomorrow..


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Dec 10, 2009
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Baton Rouge, LA
I'm having to go through this CLN garbage too. Not because my phone is defective but because the software update messed something up. My first one arrived yesterday. Screen was loose, so packaged it back up and sent it right back. I would do that with a D2 X or any other crap they send. I don't want a D2 I want my droid and I want it in perfect condition just like mine is. I would prefer to keep mine, but they don't want to fix it, they just want to replace it. It's easier and they don't have to actually know anything then.

If I had a software issue with Froyo, I would reflash the software and keep my perfect phone:

Written by PhoenixGTR on DF:

[FONT=&quot]Try this:
It's the official full install for FRG22D (don't worry about the security certificate thing; it's Google's server; it always does that.
Manual install instructions :

1)rename downloaded file update.zip and move to directory /sdcard using a file manager (make sure you have file extensions showing; Note: update.zip.zip won't work)
2) Turn your phone off.
3)Boot into recovery (Press Power then press X; when you seen the phone is turning on you can let go of Power but keep holding X)..
4) Wait for a triangle with exclamation point to appear and release X.
5) Press the volume up button and hold and quickly press the camera button and hold. Recovery console will appear.
6) Using the D-Pad select “apply update.zip”; . Let the update proceed. When it's complete, use D-Pad to select reboot phone.


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Apr 23, 2010
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If I had a software issue with Froyo, I would reflash the software and keep my perfect phone


My Droid is still Mint after almost a year, plus I look forward to celebrating our one year Anniversary on 11/6 and I couldn't imagine spending it with a mock refurb of my Original D


Mar 20, 2010
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Just got my second certified like crap replacement and this one has bad hinges. It grinds when you open and close it and it sticks. They are sending me another one tomorrow. They offered me a Droid 2 and I declined it. I dont think I like the color.