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Nov 6, 2011
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Western washington
I had to downgrade recently from the X to the D1. My mic on my X decided the call it quits a couple days ago. Instead of paying $50 for a refurbished im just going to spend a little more and get a new phone. I have my upgrade still so it wont be a huge amount. I was thinking the Thunderbolt but dont know much about it or any of the new verizon phones that just came out or will be out in a month or two. I would like some feed back on thunderbolt and such
Look up some reviews and go to the store and check them out. Considering the phones that are out now, you're not going to get alot of recommendations for the TB, most may actually point you to the Rezound if you're considering HTC. However, I recommend you just go to the store, check them out and if you have any further questions don't be afraid to ask:)
Feed back doesnt have to be about just about the TB per say. Any comment about the new phones that are out is welcome. I know going to the store and checking them out is best which ill do before i buy a new phone. I wanna know pros and cons i guess about the ones that are out now or will be in a month or two. Reviews are great but those are from ppl who dont do what we do to them. Hacker p.o.v
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Well if you want that kind of input....

I have a Nexus and have enjoyed it since launch day. It unlocked and rooted easily and we have a good amount of ROMs to choose from. Hardware wise this phone is on point. It doesn't feel too big, it's slim, and the screen is what I think the best screen on the market. The only downside is the battery cover is a bit slippery so be careful.

Many people say they have signal issues, I guess I'm lucky and haven't had any. Always get 3-4 bars and never had a dropped call.