Go more 'stock' with Liberty 1.5


Dec 6, 2009
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Sorry for the probably stupid question.. I'm really new to romz. Actually just rooted and flashed Liberty 1.5 last night on a Droid2 based on the info on the net about it being the best.

Very easy to do, and everything is working great.. But.. I am really doing this mostly to get rid of blur. I'm coming from 1+ years of using a Droid1 and really just wanted a faster Droid1 when getting this Droid2.

I installed the stock gingerbread theme, it has a lot of green stuff. Can anyone explain or point me in the direction of how to do the following:

* Change notification bar back to 'stock'.. i.e. white.. probably stock icons would be fine but not super important
* change google voice back to stock.. white background
* Change google talk back to stock.. white background
* Change dialer/dialpad back to stock instead of blacked out keys..

I think if I had that, I'd be totally set. I just prefer the non-rooted look of things I guess. Thanks for any help!!
Actually I think what i'm asking is like "Droid 1" theme for Liberty 1.5 .. maybe i'm the only one who wants this...
Awesome!! I think that is exactly what I'd be looking for. Unfortunately looks like droid2files.com is down and other threads are saying it is some big takedown by motorola? ugh. If you know of a mirror let me know.
Update just for the heck of it.... the Vanilla Froyo theme I couldn't find anywhere else on any mirror so gave up.... I did however find the Gala theme, and while it is not vanilla, it is very similar and I kind of like it.

I took that theme overrided most icons back to stock, changed the battery icon to one that looked mostly stock. I then had to hack the .zip a few times because the market apk (Vending.apk) was hosed and crashed in a loop. So I put in stock liberty market.

Anyways, after all that I'm totally happy and this phone is CRAZY FAST. Not sure if it is going Droid2 from Droid1, or if it is going to Liberty as well, but the speed difference from my Droid1 is insane.