GN folders keep modifiing the photo/video dates to the current date/time


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Dec 15, 2009
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I have some picture from my previous Galaxy S Fascinate that I want to transfer to my GN. First I transferred all my photos and videos from my Fascinate to my computer (all dates/times are correct on each file) and then from my computer to the GN DCIM/Picture folder via USB cable. I can transfer the photos and videos no problem, but when it transfers, all the photo/vid's "Date Modified" changed to the current date/time. So a picture that I took a few years back would now have the current date/time on the GN. The real problem is when I view the photos/videos in the GN's Gallery, all the photos are no longer sorted by date. Since they all have the same date, the pictures are out of place!

This applies to all folders in the GN and to all types of files...all the date/time of the files transferred to the GN are changed to the current date/time.

Does any one have the same issue?

Anyone know how to stop the GN from changing the date/time of transferred photos/videos and files in general?
This is very strange as I have never seen this issue before with any other storage device.