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Jul 23, 2010
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(NOTE: I'm Aware that the GMAIL APP, and the EMAIL APP are seperate apps on the Droid X)

SO I'm awaiting for my Droid X to show up, (should be here within the week) I decided that I'd set up all my google accounts (Calandar, Mail, Contacts etc.) so that when the phone does show up I'll just be able to log in to my pre-made account and just port all my awaiting info and enjoy the ready to function phone.

So after a lot of back and forth and trying a few diff things out, I was able to move all my contacts to Gmail from Mac's "Address Book" I exported the "Vcard" from Address Book, and imported it into Gmail (and that worked fine)

I was also able to set up my account within my gmail, where I can reply to it, and have it resend under my account (and not the gmail name). I set it up like that, on the gmail website, as well as my mac email client, so they seem to be working together seamlessly.

MY QUESTION: since I've set it up the email as the deafult reply email on the Gmail website, will I still be able to reply to emails using the GMAIL APP on the Droid X or will everything I reply to be from the Gmail address?

I really hope I didn't set all this up, just to have people email me at one address, and then have me reply on my phone with another one.


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