Gmail App in ICS - 3 Complaints


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Nov 2, 2010
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So I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 (great phone) with ICS (never had ICS before). I've got one major complaint and two minor complaints:

MAJOR: has the default interface been changed to where the sender of the email message is in large font, the subject of the email message is in smaller font underneath, and the preview of the email is in even smaller font underneath that? does anyone else think this is completely backwards? the SUBJECT of the email should be the big bold font, not who sent it. in my case (and probably a lot of other people too) you get a lot of emails from the same people - this is precisely why the subject should be the distinguishing feature, not the person who sent it. terrible change - is there anyway to revert to the look from the froyo app? (im guessing no)

1. anyone else think when replying to an email on the reply screen, its kind of jumbled up top as to where you're actually typing, and what button actually sends the email? i struggled with this for literally like 2 minutes the first time i ever replied to an email. not a good UI imo.
2. is there anyway to customize colors in gmail? i'd like a black background with white text. you think eventually there would be this option.


if there are any solutions/skins/ways around these problems with root, please post and let me know