GMail accessed for Market, right?


Jan 21, 2010
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On my stock D1, every so often (once a month or so), I get an exclamation point icon at the top of the screen telling me that there's been an error accessing my GMail account, for a bad password or something. It just happened again last night, while the phone was sitting there charging and I wasn't using it for anything.

The thing is, I don't use my GMail account, at all. So I figured that there was an app trying to access it for something. But none of the running apps seemed to be Google-related and thus in need of GMail account access. Then it hit me - maybe it was a periodic Market check for updates to my apps? Does that sound right, or is there something amiss here?

I did clear the error, open up the GMail tool, and there was no problem getting to my (empty) account. My issue isn't that there's periodic problems logging into my GMail, it's that something (app?) seems to be accessing it without me directly telling it to.
The ones I can think of are Market and Contacts and perhaps Calendar(?). They are all tied to your gmail account.