Gingerbread Update Problem


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May 11, 2011
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Kansas City
I updated to gingerbread the other day and it was working flawlessly until i turned it off. The next day, when i turned my phone back on, it wasnt working right. Lots of times i will lock the screen once and then when i want to unlock it, the screen wont turn back on. The backlight on the screen will turn on but it will be all black and i have to do a battery pull. Today, i took out my sd card and now its working fine. Do i need to reformat my sd card or something? Please Help

I posted this in the wrong section, so i moved it here, idk how to delete a thread....
Are you using the stock sd card? I had the same problem when using a class 10 card.
no, its a card that i got from verizon when i got my env3, it still has all the pics from my env3 on it
You can try copying everything on it to your pc, then format it. But it may or may not help. It will probably be fine when empty, but once you transfer everything back to it the problem will likely resume.A new sd card would then be in order. But try the format first.