Gingerbread contact group questions


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Oct 5, 2010
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There are many new features in Gingerbread and I like the way contacts can be sorted by last name.

However, the handling of groups is complicated. If you create a new group on your google calendar website, you can't add contacts to it using your phone. It appears that you can only add contacts on the web page itself. You can't modify that group on the phone.

You can also create a group on your phone and it will show up in the "my Groups" category under groups. But that group will not show up on your google contacts web page.

So, which way is the best way to create a group. I know it's a personal preference, but what would be your reasons for preferring one method over another?

And there are certain groups that carry over from before gingerbread. They show up in my Backup Assistant groups and I can view them but can't delete them. I went to the My Verizon site and could not find or delete them there. Anybody know how I can get rid of them, as I don't use those groups?

Also, while I sort contacts by last name (about time) when scrolling through the contact list to add them to a group, that list always appears sorted by first name - perhaps an oversight.

So, that's quite a few questions and any help on any of these would be appreciated. Thanks.


May 21, 2010
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I have groups in my Google Voice account. You can have it so it pulls those up on the phone too. Its under settings I think. I would tell you exactly how, but my phone seems to not want to boot atm.