All Contacts Search Issue


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Aug 30, 2010
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I've searched and didn't find an answer for this so forgive me is it is there.

I'm on 2.2. Everything is up-to-date.

I have over 5000 contacts synced from Outlook up to gmail and then to my Droid X.

If I want to create an email or send a text message to someone I start typing their name in the To field and it finds everyone no problem.

I can not do a search of my phone though and find anyone but whom I have as My Contacts in gmail or I'm friends with on Facebook or following on Twitter. I have tried going into the Contact program and choosing Settings/Display Group and choosing All contacts and they do not show anywhere I can see or search.

I have the majority of my contacts in a group call Realtors in gmail so I tried Create new group and called it Realtors thinking maybe that would help populate it and that didn't work.

I'm guessing it is because I have each group separated into its own group in gmail that this is happening but I'm afraid if I select the over 4800 people in the Realtors group and also make them a member of My Contacts I will get massive duplicates in Outlook when it syncs.

Any thoughts?
I am not sure if gesture search would help or's free in market and you can set it to search different or all in the settings...Free, could be worth a shot.