Gingerbread and Exchange


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Oct 29, 2010
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Well, I'm excited about something and wanted to post it for anybody else that has been wondering.

I just installed the leaked Gingerbread 2.3.3 on my Droid X. I setup my exchange email on it and what did I see????? Gingerbread allows automatic background syncing of exchange subfolders! Yeah! No need to use other third-party apps to do this anymore!

Just had to let you guys know. Can't wait for the official update to arrive!
Does the exchange syncing seem better in general? I have issues currently where my exchange mail will push to my phone maybe 5 minutes after I get it in outlook on my PC. I was wondering if you have any similar experiences.
That is a neat feature, but I'm finding that it's not picking up the contacts pictures from Exchange into my phone. Anyone else with this problem?
i noticed that new feature as well, but still went back to Touchdown. few reasons:
1) i have number of folders in exchange, yes it is now synced, but i still have to go and check each one, there is no "combined" view
2) interface... come on, yes they finally provided options on how many preview lines you can have, but WHY does it start with 2? i don't want any, just give me a simple list like Touchdown...
I was VERY excited about this as well. I really hate using 3rd party apps unless I really have to. So far I haven't had any issues with syching with exchange. I am very happy with GB.
So far it's been working pretty good for me. Yes, I would like to have a 'combined' view as someone earlier mentioned, but it does seem to work great for me.
I know this topic has been dead for awhile, but I just upgraded to the .595 build of GB and noticed that the only folder that seems to sync in the background is the Inbox. I selected my Sent Mail to sync in the background and when I went back in it had reverted back to manual sync.

Anyone else notice this ?