Getting notifications to vobrate when phone is set to vibrate?

You couldn't tie your notification volume to your ringer volume to make this work? Settings>Sounds and display>Ringer volume.
That doesn't make them vibrate.

Grouchy, that is good but IT DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO MAKE NOTIFICATIONS VIBRATE. there is notification volume, but no 'Vibrate' option listed under that like there needs to be. Why has nobody made an app for this?

If you make Ringer Mode Vibrate, then notifications will also vibrate. Forgot to mention this before, been using this app for a long time now and I haven't messed with the settings since I got it.
I even made a video to show that no, they do not.

[video=youtube;CBkaUZxeu3s]]YouTube - No, it does not vibrate.[/video]

I have my ringer mode in quick profiles set to vibrate yet when I get a notification it still doesn't vibrate. Do I have to set the notification volume at a certain setting?
I can confirm. Linking the notifications to ringer call volume only silences them, it does not make them vibrate. Still looking for a solution on this. Quick Profiles doesn't seem to have a way to manage vibrations either.
I don't know... I'm out of ideas. That screenshot looks just like my setup yet for me notifications vibrate.

Edit: for messaging I have it set to "also vibrate for notification" so that's most likely why I still get a vibrate, samething for email.

So most likely quick profiles turns off sound the notifications vibrate cause they are supposed to.
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That would mean I have to go into each app and switch it to vibrate every time I went someplace that a phone ringing wouldn't work out very well, and that just isn't practical. Thank you for your input though.
I only get notifications from messaging and email so it works for me... good luck finding something.

go to settings...sound and display..check silent mode, and phone vibrate.. then put your volume on vibrate

hope his helps
no..i did it, and my txt messages notify me by vibrate also..i cant have my celphone on at work, but I do, and need it on vibrate. I text all day, and need to know when one comes through, so I need it to vibrate ONLY, and it does
I want to adjust the volume rocker to vibrate and have notifications vibrate. When the ringer is turned up, I want the volumes linked like they currently are.