Getting DROIDS in august!


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Jul 6, 2010
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We, husband & I, are ending our love of BB Storm. I would educate myself on the Droid! We are trying to figure out if we want the X or the Incredible! Haven't decided! I like the Incredible.. it will allow Vcast, but according to Verizon, it won't allow Vcast on the X! While out, and my kids are bored, I turn on the Vcast!

I have the following them on my Storm, and would love to find a similar theme that I would love for the Droid. The file folders hide when the "-" is pressed.. and you just see the desktop and view the weather. Icons are colorful and cheery. I hope that I can find one that I love on the droid!
See attached.

Incredible is perfectly fine unless you are going to be gaming/need a phone with decent battery life (for a smartphone)
And the whole qualcomm deal, the TI processors go above and beyond what a qualcomm can do.