Getting a new X tomorrow


Jan 26, 2011
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Well, tomorrow, I get my second Droid X, after my current phone lost the ability to vibrate. Everything, including haptic feedback, notification, and phone call vibrate, has magically disappeared. It had been intermittent for a couple of months, where it would stop vibrating completely for a few hours, maybe a day, and the mysteriously return with no rhyme or reason, but now it's been gone for about a week. Since I'm rooted running Liberty (problem started well before rooting), I did a factory reset today, deleted all the root-only apps and went off to Verizon.

After fiddling with it (and being oddly baffled by ADW Launcher, like he'd never seen it before) the customer service guy did the equipment replacement, no questions asked, and without me even asking for it.

I did think it odd that he was so puzzled by ADW. Since I have LPP and ADW both on there and having just done a factory reset, I hadn't set a default launcher yet, so when he pushed the home button, it popped up the launcher chooser and he couldn't figure out what to do with it. I had to reach over and tap ADW for him. He thought that ADW was causing the problem and asked about it a little extensively. I explained to him that it comes from the Market, and he shrugged it off. I probably could have gone in with Liberty blazing and he wouldn't have noticed.

My question it, what if anything should I do to this phone to ensure that VZW has no problem with it when I send it back? I've done the factory reset, all boot animations are reset, all root-only apps like drocap, liberty toolbox, and koush's bootstrap are gone. Am I missing something? I DO NOT want to have to pay for the replacement. Thanks.

tl;dr Need to get DX back to a state VZW won't question a replacement. Tips?
Flash a sbf to get it back to "out of the box" state, then wipe data and cache. When that's done leave the phone like it is. But do this when your new one comes in.
I had read that Windows 7 makes it pretty hard to SBF, which is why I haven't already. Is that outdated info? How is that different from a factory reset?