Get Got GO - Word Game App


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Oct 6, 2013
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Get Got GO - Word Game App
For all the word game junkies, we just released a new game called Get Got GO.

It is a completely original, multi-player, fast-paced twist on the scrabble type of word game. It also includes wild tiles, a timer and poker style chips for points that you can even use for betting. You can find it in iTunes by searching "Get Got GO". I'm confident that we have something so original and addicting that it will change the way word games are played. Everybody who’s played it so far has become addicted. It’s just a cool twist on the word game and there’s nothing else like it.

Redefining the Word Game:

Since we just launched it, we are not easily found unless you know the name. We are eager to get people to try it out, so if anyone here is interested. The Pro version will be 1.99, but is dropped to .99 for early promotion.

I'm also really looking forward to what people on this forum think when they play so that we can prepare for the next version- let me know...