Get a S3 or not?? Have had issues before


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May 5, 2010
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(Yes this is a duplicate post, however this title is more correct)

OK I have a RAZR Maxx HD. But have gone through 6 of the darn things because after a few days of the phone being replaced the earpiece starts rattling at anything beyond 1/4 volume.

Vzw has offered to swap me to the S3. I've had this phone before. But 2 things got me.
1 was the small battery size causing me to charge the phone non stop.

2 A repetitive issue when playing music the sound harmonics or vibrations can be felt through the hand via the phone case (body of the phone). I tried 2 S3s and hated that. As well the volume seemed much weaker than the Maxx HD I have now.

So I wondered has JB fix any of these issues or Samsung? The harmonics through the case was a big one for me.

Thanks guys!

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