Generic Andriod stuck on Green loading screen


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Sep 11, 2014
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I have reset it, and reset it, and it STILL wont load!! I dont know what to do.
Not sure where to find it, my tablet has NO INFO on it at all, I know the book has some number on it, but no brand, or name, or anything like that and I cant figure out where my booklet is.. My buddy got it off some web site after my kids cracked the screen in my Zeki and the Zeki company wanted $100 to replace it when I only paid $89 for the tablet..
When it first starts does it show a manufacturer flash screen?
It shows the little Android in the middle, then goes to the green screen with the flying android and a film strip and other stuff that says Android but thats as far as it gets and will sit like that FOREVER
Ok correction the front of the book says TABLET PC and the inside page says MID-android... Thats it no other info no serial number