Gear Fit 2 Review from an isheep Perspective (Cnet)


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Sep 5, 2010
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Samsung's Gear Fit 2 nails design, falls short on functionality (review)
This is probably the worst , as far as performance, review I've read about the newest Samsung wearable.
While none have stated the Fit 2 is THE next big thing in wearables , fitness trackers , or smartwatches they are showing Samsung took a huge leap forward in its next addition to the fitness tracker market.
As a Fit 1 owner I was intrigued to see where Samsung would go with this and it looks like they listened to someone other than Apple.
While it keeps about the same overall footprint on the wrist, there's less bezel, less thick and a larger screen that kept the same gorgeous to the eye display. It looks like they also saw the users complaints if the first one being totally tied to a phone, not something that's always conducive in a fitness tracker. Built in GPS and music download capability give the ability to leave the phone at home for a run/ride where you don't mind being disconnected from communication, like a true fitness tracker finally.
The os has also changed from a propriety to match its tiny cpu processor and ram to using Tizen because its 1GHZ dual core processor with 512GB of ram can handle it.
Will I be buying one myself? Probably not unless I find a killer deal but it is great to see Samsung might just actually be serious about wearables finally instead of floundering in mediocrity.
Why won't I be getting one at the list price of $179US? Though it has increased the onboard storage to 4GB, much of that is used for the os, the built in Tizen music player is so last century it's almost cassette tape like and the main tracking companion app is still S Health, which I find to be a mess to deal with. They took leaps forward in hardware but left us hamstrung with the software unless your idea of great app selection consists of watch faces mostly and not much in the way of tasking of any kind that is tethered to the phone via a constantly bug laden Gear Manager app. If I'd never owned a wearable device I'd be all over this because it is almost a great device but as a long time early adopter I'm not willing to give up my standalone capability to get more use of the fitness tracking improvements of the Fit 2.

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