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Feb 6, 2011
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Richmond, K
So I was sitting here getting ready to SBF the D2G back to stock so I could install GB and CyanogenMod. Before I start I go to Settings>About Phone>Android Version and it says 2.3.5! I looked at the wife's stock D2 that just received GB and hers says Version 2.3.3. My D2G was on Froyo, Cyanogen, and obviously rooted. Did I get GB anyways???? And if I did, am I now ready to install one of Rev's Nightly Builds to install GB again???
CM7 is 2.3.5. GB is 2.3. CM7 is built on the latest software, while VZW is only at 2.3.3.

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I'll clarify: CyanogenMod is indeed gingerbread, but you are on the old Froyo kernel. The system is merely Gingerbread.
You need to install the new 4.5.607 leak and root it, then install cm again if you want the new Gingerbread kernel based cyanogenmod.
Thank you both for your replies! I thought that might be the case after I did the original post- thanks for clarifying. Now to start on it again!