Gapps market install interrupted by Google Backup


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Feb 1, 2012
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Greetings. I am not a pro at this, but I maintain a respectable amount of savvy.

Successfully flashed my Pro and am running the latest build of CyanogenMod7. Flashed Gapps from here. Have followed these steps several times:

>Booted into Clockwork recovery, wiped system, data & cache, re-flashed CM7 and Gapps. On subsequent attempts, only wiped cache & data and re-flashed Gapps.
>Touched the android in an inappropriate area.
->Skipped initial invitation to sign in to Google, per the lack of a slide-out keyboard.
-->Declined generous invitation to have my whereabouts broadcast to unknown persons.
>Set up wi-fi.
>Settings->Accounts & Sync->Added my Google account.
->Folded origami crane while Google connected to itself.
-->Dialog appeared, entitled 'IMPORTANT: Read This!'.
This program will only appear once and is used to search for applications on the market....some users may wish to postpone running this app....If you would like this program to show at a later CANCEL below.
***On first run-through, I hit CANCEL and couldn't get the program to show at my definition of a later time, although I admit the instructions weren't specific and I was not allowed to ask for clarification.***

--->Clicked 'Ok'.
---->Agreed to abide by 3 ToS's at once.
=>Began downloading whatever strikes my fancy, noting it takes a really long time for downloads to initialize.
=->Google then chose to interrupt my joyous pirate experience by informing me about something I don't care about, and promps me to 'Finish Setup'. Clicked where indicated.
=-->Stared at home screen. Resisted urge to scream. Trawled internet, turning up several conflicting forum posts, confusing reference to Pac-Man, now have gapps-gb-20110828-signed (1), (2), and (3).zip.

Please advise.

Appreciation in advance. ~Fake

Edit: Also does anyone know of a reference on which of the 300+ google apps are worth having?