Gameboid Save State Problem?


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Jul 20, 2010
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So, I've been playing Golden Sun for a while on Gameboid, and on my last saved I saved in a rush, but I don't recall anything weird happening.

When I went to load it up to play later, I noticed the screen was black on the save state. Now, this wasn't too scary since I've seen it happen whenever I save mid-something. However, when I went to click it to load,... nothing happened.

Allow me to specify. I opened gameboid, and it auto-loaded to my first save, and I went to settings to load my save state and when I clicked it, it just ignored the command and went back to my game, as if I had just selected to exit out of the settings. I've loaded other games states, and it performs the same thing: it just exits out of the save states menus and back to the game.

What can I do? I've tried to load up the save state on VBA but it won't take the type of file (SS6).