[GAME] Voyage to Farland - Mystery Dungeon style roguelike RPG


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Jun 7, 2011
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Thought I'd introduce a roguelike/Mystery Dungeon style game I made. It's actually been out a while but since the genre is fairly niche, it hasn't gotten much attention.

It's called Voyage to Farland and is influenced by the Shiren the Wanderer games.


The player above (me) made the mistake of wandering into a "monster room"...

Being a hardcore roguelike, it's not for the faint of heart, but Mystery Dungeon fans should be able to progress pretty quickly. Hints: try the training dungeon first, equip a shield as soon as possible, make good use of the herbs/beads/vial's secret powers (tap INV, then select Explain from the item's sub menu). There's an intro cutscene you'll have to click through, but after you enter a dungeon ("Go Forth" or "Training") and save, the game will skip the scene next time. Also a quick way to save is to just hit the HOME button. And don't forget that you can scroll through menus by swiping up/down in the center of the screen in addition to using the DPAD.

Here's the website link:
Peculiar Games

Youtube channel with some videos (playing on Nexus One):
video channel and my favorite (from the hardcore dungeon in the paid version) [video=youtube;_fM2y3krAlI]http://youtu.be/_fM2y3krAlI"]the castle[/video]

Link to the game in the market:
Paid version

and to the free version (with the first dungeon - ad supported):
Free trial version

I developed it on a Nexus One and have tested on Droid Incredible and Droid X. It's pretty CPU intensive (game engine, animation, UI, soundtrack threads) so I'm not sure if it runs well on older phones but should be fine on newer phones. Seemed to run fine when I tested it once on an original Droid, too. But I'm not sure how it will run on custom ROMs since it uses some native linux threading calls, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Mystery Dungeon games don't seem to be too popular here in the west, but if you're one of the few addicts like me, you'll probably enjoy Voyage. Anyway, thanks for putting up with the shameless plug! ;)

Some of the graphics are modified versions of Daniel Cook's free game art. For people who haven't heard of him, he's the patron saint of indie game devs, so be sure to check out his page: Lost Garden
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Added a new promo video showing some of the crazier gameplay! [video=youtube;liUD8oq9wIE]http://youtu.be/liUD8oq9wIE"]new promo video[/video]