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Feb 5, 2012
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Unolingo is for everyone that enjoys crosswords, Sudoku, Words with Friends, 7 Little Words and other similar types of word games. The difficulty ranges from very accessible to insane. It's already after just a few short weeks being played every US state and over 22 countries worldwide.

Every Unolingo is a 10 x 10 crossword puzzle without clues and 26 empty squares that require the precise placement of each letter in the alphabet. Depending on the level of difficulty, from one star (easiest) to four stars (most difficult), a Unolingo puzzle can be completed in 5-15 minutes and calls for a mix of word knowledge, logic and deductive reasoning.

Unolingo is available via Andorid Market, Amazon App Store and the NOOK store - making it available on just about every Android device under the sun. It was an interesting process seeing how the various app stores work and treat their developers.

Unolingo in Android Market

Amazon Appstore for Android: Unolingo

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Small screenshots:

The challenge: Complete a 10x10 crossword puzzle without any clues except for the letters given in the puzzle. The catch is you must place each letter of the alphabet, using each letter only once to complete the puzzle.

Do you think you can do it?

Try Unolingo now and see why we are calling it "The Next Great Puzzle"!
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