Gallery Folder Not Opening


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Mar 1, 2011
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Weird issue that i have with my Motorola Atrix. I tried searching for answers but no luck...

Under the 'Gallery' app (where you find all your media) i cant open 'Folders'. Every time i try to open it, it closes and goes to the previous screen. I can still access my pics and videos but just not the folders they are in.

I tried doing what some over people have said to people with similar issues such as; turn off, battery pull, taking off the SD card, and moving the pics around in the file manager but none of them work.

I am not sure when this started happening but it was definitely after the previous Atrix update (that came out about a week ago). Also i noticed that after installing the 'Shake them All' live wallpaper it installed a picture folder with the skins i downloaded but i doubt that caused this.

I have all my files saved onto my internal memory currently and have ordered a 16gb minisd so i can move all my media over to to it just in case that will fix it and because i need it but does anyone know why this is happening?
I'm having the exact same problem... Did you figure out a solution?
What I ended up doing is resetting my phone. I got frustrated and couldn't find a solution that worked so I did that and it works now.

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