Galaxy S updated to 2.2.1 now no 3G


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Jan 10, 2011
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Ok, so I updated to 2.2 a month or so ago and it sorted out a few annoying bugs, but to sort them out it decided to crash constantly and make it hell to use.

So yesterday I checked for any more updates and 2.2.1 is available! :) Updated and now 3G and the internet wont work?

- I still have the APN settings with the icon ticked
- MMS & Internet use is ticked
- GSM/WCDMA Auto Mode Selected
- Restarted the phone
- Pulled the battery out
- Factory Resetted the phone

All to no avail, I phone my network provider o2 they said phone samsung if they cant help bring the phone into the shop and they may have to take it in.

I thought I would try here and see if there is anything you guys can help out with? Is there anything available that may sort this out? Like rooting it?

If not il have to take the phone into the shop!

Thanks in advance