Galaxy Nexus Thorough Review


Dec 19, 2011
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Hello fellow Androidians! :happy3: I recently added another video review to my collection on YouTube and thought I would share it with my Android family. It is a very thorough, 20 minute video, so I completely understand if you pass -- most of you will know a lot of the information shared in the video anyways, since pretty much all of you already own the device and are quite savvy. Nonetheless, thought I'd share it. Of course, compliments, criticisms (please be gentle ;)), comments, questions, and so on are encouraged! Feel free to check out some of my other videos as well if you feel like it. I know there are some things I miss and some things I may talk about a little too much, but I'm very passionate about it so for me to even get it *down* to 20 minutes was difficult, haha.I am contemplating creating a second review of around 5 minutes, sparing the technical jargon and other such geeky things and keeping right down to the BIG stuff; no specs or anything of that nature. You know, for the "common" user who just wants the bare-bones of "Why should I get this phone?". So that's it. Thanks to everyone who takes a look and makes a comment. Most importantly; Enjoy!

Part 1: [video=youtube;WTKHWompal4][/video] Part 2: [video=youtube;GtiGikhd8ok][/video]
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