Galaxy Nexus gets Quadrant Benchmarked!


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Oct 20, 2009
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The first run down of the Galaxy Nexus running Quadrant Benchmark

Can't watch the video, so this may be addressed within... but how exactly do you compare benchmark scores to a phone that is the only one currently in existence running that OS? Or am I way off base and Quadrant Benchmarks don't have anything to do with OS and software?
My D1 hits 1300, my wife's D2 hits should be better

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lets not forget that this phone has a larger screen resolution so a lower score is expected. i think droid razr got 2600 on this test with it's lower resolution display.

then again, tests vary by hundreds of points from one to the next. so this doesn't really mean much.
Why does my Droid 3 with a slower processor get a higher score than that?


I forgot about the display resolution.
Did you guys notice that Quadrant sees 2 cores, nice! On the benchmark section where to two planets are rotating, that was as choppy as I've ever seen. That is a pretty darn high resolution to push. I'm guessing the FPS benchmarks are going to be very low.
People, Quadrant is ALWAYS going to show low FPS numbers for devices with PowerVR GPUs; that's just how it is.

PowerVR uses a method of texture compression that is unique to PowerVR. It is more efficient when used with optimized software (basically, hidden parts of a scene are not rendered at all). Unfortunately, Quadrant isn't optimized for this type of texture compression; so for PowerVR devices uncompressed textures are necessary.
I too am concerned about the GPU. When I had the Bionic, it was noticeably slower at games, especially which used 2D backdrop and 3D moving objects, than my DX2 with the Tegra2.

anyone else noticed the total memory @ 1:46 minute mark on that phone?

only 646396 kB total only? If I remember right, the Bionic had bout 100ish MB more
The gpu is my biggest concern, but ics also has hardware acceleration so that will help, but most new phones will probably be getting ics (esp for us modders), so that's not a big selling point lol

Everything was pretty amazing and beyond except the gpu lol what were they thinking? "hey what should we do with all these left over gpus from our nexus s phones? "

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