Solved G Watch froze up

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Jan 21, 2010
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For the first time since I bought it, my G watch froze up today. It was on the dim screen & I didn't even notice it was frozen until I got a text. It vibrated & I actually noticed it and looked down. The screen was still dim. The weird thing is that it showed the name of the person who had texted me & the time kept updating properly.

No amount of tapping or swiping the screen would get it to come out of dim mode, though it did for just a few seconds at one point. It showed me one of the many notifications I had & I couldn't swipe to see others. I also couldn't get it to dim by touching it with my palm. It eventually went dim on its own & then I couldn't make it go bright again.

Took some trying, but I was finally able to get it to restart by pushing a paperclip into the reset button on the back. Not sure if I just didn't hold it there long enough on the first try, or what.

Seems to be working now, but I'm wondering if this happened since I've been charging it every night instead of turning it off every other night. Hasn't been restarted in quite some time before this incident.

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Maybe it was just time for a restart? Hopefully a one time glitch.

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That's what I'm hoping. First time I've ever had an issue like this, so thought I'd share.

Will update if it happens again.

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Mine did that once....the first time I changed the watch face. First day I think. I might have been impatient and not waited for it to sync fully...not sure? But mine has not had any freeze up issues since. I try to reboot it every 2nd or 3rd day after a charge.

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I've had a few notifications hang on dismissal, but that's about it. Always able to get out of it. Not sure if its the app, the watch or just being too far away.

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This definitely didn't have to do with distance from the phone. My watch was on my left hand and my phone was in my left pocket. I'm thinking it was just time for a restart, as I don't really run many apps on the watch.