Mar 1, 2010
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Google VP: Silly Bloggers, Android Market has 70k apps, not 100k
Jul 15, 2010 - 3:32 PM - by wuyanks

It has been reported rather extensively over the past few days that the Android Market is approaching 100,000 apps. What we didn't quite grasp, was that 100k was merely an estimate and not an exact figure, derived by complex calculations (by Androlib developers). Well, now we finally have a concrete number, straight from the horse's mouth, Google. During Thursday's second-quarter earnings call, Google Senior VP of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg, revealed the more accurate number of apps currently on the market: 70,000. Now, 70,000 is still extremely impressive, as less than a year ago, the Android Market only had 10,000 apps. But let's relax on those Android Market vs iOS App Store comparisons, for now.

The 100k app figure didn't dominate the earnings call, however, according to TechCrunch. In addition, Google CFO Patrick Pichette went on to explain that Android cost "isn’t material for the company" because of Google doesn't develop its own hardware. So from that I'm basically hearing that Android is extremely profitable to Google. SVP Rosenberg continues, “I think the most important thing beyond the growth [of the Market] is that the most popular app is a browser, [that] search on Android devices grew 300% in the first half of 2010."

What's good for the Google is good for the gander, I suppose.

Source: Android Central, Tech Crunch
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Android Market now has 100,000 apps, passes 1 billion download mark
Jul 15, 2010 - 2:49 PM - by Shadez
Android Market Now Has 100,000 Apps, Passes 1 Billion Download Mark

By Laura June Jul 15th 2010 4:24PM

Well, it may not come as a huge surprise considering all the steam Android's picked up over the past few years, but it's a landmark nonetheless: according to AndroLib's data, the Market now has 100,000 apps available for download.

It's also interesting to note that it took just under three months to get from 50,000 to the 100,000 mark. An even more impressive number, however, is the fact that over one billion applications have been downloaded. While it's not clear if this number includes app updates or not, the number is massive either way, and they're growing pretty steeply each month.

AndroLib's data also notes that over 14,000 applications became available during the month of June, and over 10,000 have appeared already in July. Hit up the source links for more stats, and a chance to see the numbers update in real time.

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70k are the ones available and registered thru google