Full LG Ally Specs Released


Jan 21, 2010
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The comments in this thread pertaining to the LG Ally are pretty far out there
it's a wonder to me if the complainers know what kind of phone the LG Ally
was meant to be?

The LG Ally was never meant to run 2.2 (see CPU)
The LG Ally was never meant to be a full featured phone simply because
it comes preinstalled with an android operating system.

There is a reason for the simple/bland design.
There is a reason for the low initial price point.

If anyone has ever seen an LG touch, it would be common sense
that the marketing is indicative of this device being an android powered version
of that phone.

The Droid Eris is another example of an established brand
making a phone for a targeted demographic. The Eris can never be mistaken
for an incredible, Evo or anything of that caliber.

The LG Ally is a text phone geared for users who rely on social apps
and features geared towards that market.

LG is capable of much more, and probably wanted to enter the android platform
and most likely got a great deal on these CPU's.

It's a good phone, and much better than the Eris ever was or will be (stock)
Rooted? A different story.