Froyo 2.2 FRG01B vs Iphone4 ios4


Jul 12, 2010
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I recently purchased a moto droid and my friend purchased an Iphone4 about the same time.

I put my droid running 2.1 against his iphone4 trying to compare the speed of web pages loading.
As expected, almost every website was loading about 3-4 seconds slower for me.

Last night, I rooted and installed FRG01B and overclocked to 800mhz using setcpu.

I did the same tests loading the same websites and I was actually loading MOST ( not all for some reason ) pages faster by a second or so...

Considering the droid was released almost an year ago, I think I have my hands on one incredible machine here!!

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You should overclock it to 1.0 GHZ (= way faster, but nice to know!
You should overclock it to 1.0 GHZ (= way faster, but nice to know!

At this moment, I dont see a reason why I need to go any higher and everything flies right I read somewhere that 800mhz was the most stable and safe oc speed...who knows when I will get greedy and go even higher lol
You could just hold your phone and make a call. That is pretty impressive for the iphone 4 users.

Or use pandora, apparently a coworker of mine has a lot of trouble listening to pandora because it keeps disconnecting with her iphone 4. Mean while my Droid plays pandroa clearly for 6 hours a day.