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Jun 5, 2011
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So i have been on liberty for a long time now but i decided to give CM a try now that it came out for the X and i was a little dissapointed so i'm going back to liberty. I can't seem to get back though i have wiped system, data, and cache and installed LB .08 and all i get when i reboot is the Yellow Fist screen, any ideas?
You have to update back to the .596 gingerbread rooted release from TBH before flashing liberty because cm7 was based on the froyo kernal.

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TBH app has a monster all in one to go from anything to stock GB but it sounds like you may have to Sbf first

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okay thanks for the info flashing SBF now. Now to get back onto liberty what would be the easiest way? i'm flashing the 2.2 SBF can i just bootstrap and install v08 from there or should up update to GB first?
Yeah update to GB first but use the method over at MyDroidWorld so you don't loose root

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Sooo i'm new to this whole SBF'ing thing, i was able flash my phone using DS lite and using the SBF from 2.2 but when i boot up i get the moto logo then it goes into the liberty rom boot gif and stays there.... i thought SBF'ing puts it back to stock? Did i fail somewhere
Do you mean RSD Lite? Just asking so I can make sure to offer the best advice. Also, which SBF file are you using?
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Yes sorry i meant RSD lite 4.9 with Android 2.2.1 System Version 2.3.340 Full (VRZ_MB810_2.3.34_1FF_01) SBF
Ok cool. Give me a second. Going back and forth between computers right now. Let me see if I can help. I have had to SBF alot due to changing roms as well as user error. BRB
Try taking out your battery and then booting up in stock recovery. (hold power and home button at the same time) Then wipe data/factory reset and also wipe cache. Then try rebooting. See if that helps
okay now i have another problem :p i can't access data on Verizon at all, i can make phone calls and such but no data. Here is the process it took to get here, SBF 2.2, update 2.3 rooted with help from my droid world, then updated to v.08. My baseband is BP_C_01.09.07P and my kernel is Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
Pretty sure the the radio should be .12 instead of .07. Also, I think that is the froyo kernel. Be home soon and I will check. Email me at [email protected]. I had this same problem and verizon had to do something on their end to correct it.