Friggen can't send txt messages to facebook connected ppl...


Jul 15, 2010
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Ok, this has been doing this for a month and it's just beyond pissing me off. Basically I can't send txt msgs to alot of my contacts AT ALL because most of them are connected with facebook which adds the stupid +1 in the beginning of each number.

I have found that using handcent works but only if I pick the number from handcent to text, then delete the conversation to text back so it uses my number I want instead of a +1 facebook connected one. Is there any way to fix to this txt messaging bull****?
bump? how does no one else have this problem. Everyone I know with a droid x has this issue
Only way I know is to not sync Facebook contacts.
Well that's great.. lol ****ing verizon, these ****ups are getting really annoying anymore
I just tried to change my number on facebook and it will not let me drop the 1. Does anyone know how to change your own number to a 10 digit number, so people can atleast text me? - How hard could this really be to fix. You would think a company that that take a video of every street in the world, could figure out how to drop a 1.
my wifes x was having this same problem. I couldn't figure out how to fix it, other than taking my number completely out of facebook.... seems pretty stupid that google and facebook cant fix this....