FREE [GAME] Tetris Simple For Android


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Oct 6, 2011
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Everyone loves Tetris! I can remember the days of my childhood when I spent many hours a day playing Tetris on my GameBoy Classic! I had several other games but I always seemed to make my way back to tetris. It quickly became a family favorite and I can remember many Holiday weeks spent battling for best score between my parents and brothers, and the cousins that happened to stop by. Today there is no need to pass the GameBoy around as we can all grab our cell phones and download whatever game we like. Developer "Alexyhuy" of Msoft has released a simple and intuitive game that is based on the original Tetris.


Controls are incredibly simple and are as follows. Swipe right (move block right), swipe left (move block left), swipe down (move block quickly down), swipe up (rotates block). The music is also reminiscent of the original Tetris. Check out this retro game this Holiday weekend. The game is yours free at the link below.

Via Play Store