FREE [GAME] RetroShips Space Shooter Arcade


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Oct 6, 2011
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I can remember hours spent at the laundry mat growing up. I didn't mind because my mom would always give us, my brothers and I, a hand full of quarters to play the arcade games that sat in the back corner. You could have hours of enjoyment for just a few dollars. These days the classic arcade game is but a memory. There are still arcades in America, but they just aren't the same. I remember the classics like Pac Man, Asteroids, Galaga, Pole Position, and then some of the newer games like mortal combat, killer instinct, and WWF. Back then you could put in your quarter and hog the machine for the next 10 minutes. Some kids would hog the machines for hours on end, nearly beating the game. With the popularity of consoles, arcade games quickly became obsolete. Now days you can grab just about any kind of game on the Play Store for the lovely price of free.


TLD Games just released their game "RetroShips - Space Shooter" which is very reminiscent of Galaga. Retroships utilizes the pixel-art style of old school arcade games but in a modern way. In this game you will shoot everything you see while avoiding all enemies. Destroying cargo ships deliver helpful powerups. Controls are simple just place your finger on the screen to move the ship. RetroShips comes with 3 levels which contain 8 sublevels, 600 animated frames for explosions, lots of ships with different behaviors, great effects with planes using modern techniques, impressive final bosses at the end of each level, and one handed game control .

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