FREE CM11 Theme Klearkat Lite Theme


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Oct 6, 2011
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With the introduction of Cyanogen Mod 11 came an entirely new theme engine. This theme engine allows you to customize your device better than ever as you can pick and choose your theme elements and mix and match. You can have fonts from one theme, wallpapers from another, app icons from another, and you get the picture. There is even an app that is integrated with the theme engine that curates all the themes that are compatible with the new theme engine. There are very few themes that are free and if you really want to try this theme engine out you pretty much have to buy the themes you want.


KlearKat Lite for Cm 11 by developer "DJDarkknight" brings a new budget friendly option for those of you who would love to theme your CM 11. The theme brings lots of clear and transparent features as well as dark and inverted elements. Over 35 system and playstore apps have been themed. This theme will only work if you have a custom rom like Cyanogen Mod 11 which includes the cm11 theme engine. Grab this theme for free from the play link below.

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