Cyanogen Mod 11 Theme Engine Explained!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you have not had a chance to run a custom rom lately you may not have had a chance to use the Cyanogen Mod 11 Theme Engine. This new theme engine is different in that you can mix and match theme elements and pretty much create your very own theme. This is reminiscent of the MIUI theme changer. If you have ever ran MIUI you know that you have the option to choose from hundreds of themes and you can also choose bits and pieces from each theme. This is exactly how the CM11 theme engine works.

When you launch the Theme engine you have the option to install the "Theme Showcase". Themes that show up in the theme showcase have been vetted by Cyanogen Mod and are of great quality. Once you have the theme showcase installed you can browse through the available themes. There are several paid themes and a few free themes. Once you find a theme you like you can download that theme and either install the entire theme or install single components of that theme. Theme components include (icons, bootanimation, wallpaper, icons, lockscreen, and fonts). The new theme engine is yet another good reason to run a custom rom on your device.