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Jan 30, 2012
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I know you heard this a million times, but this App has a twist. It does NOT require the recipient to have the App.

Here is what Primo is all about:

Primo is the messaging app that's also an alternative to expensive phone plans. You get the best of messaging apps and phone service with Primo.

Make free international calls to over 3 billion people around the world including:

- Call India mobiles and landlines free.
- USA, Brazil, Canada, & Mexico land & mobiles
- China, Thailand, and Singapore land & mobiles
- Landlines in UK, France, Germany, and much of Europe

Calling works without data in over 60 countries on the Primo voice network. You can use your cellular voice minutes to make calls when your not near WIFI or out of data. We go where you go.

Personal US Phone Numbers - Get a free unique USA phone number with your Primo Account.

Unlimited Calls & Texts - You can receive free unlimited inbound calls and SMS to your Primo phone number.

But wait...Primo is also a messaging app.

Connect with friends and take Primo to the next level with video, messaging, file sharing and more.

You'll earn free international talk & text minutes when you refer your friends.

Some messenger apps can't communicate with mobile phones around the world. Some alternatives to phone service can't do video, file sharing, or chat. Primo does both in one easy to use ad free service. Try us today and stay connected to anyone anywhere with Primo.

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