Four Different Android Devices Now Beat the iPhone 5 in US & UK Customer Satisfaction


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Dec 30, 2010
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If this latest US & UK consumer satisfaction study is to be believed, not only is the iPhone no longer the top dog, it barely cracks the top 5 anymore, at least as far as individual devices are compared. According to a recent customer satisfaction survey performed by mobile research firm OnDevice, there are four Android devices which scored higher than the iPhone 5. The four Androids that beat out the iPhone 5 are a diverse and surprising group as well, with only one of them being top-of-the-line models. Here's the list (also shown in the pic above):
  1. The Motorola Atrix HD took the number one spot and scored an 8.57.
  2. The Motorola Droid RAZR M came in second with a score of 8.5.
  3. The HTC Rezound 4G was in third scoring 8.32.
  4. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 held fourth place with an 8.26.
  5. The iPhone 5 took fifth place with a score of 8.23.
It is important to note, then when asked about brand preferences, on an aggregate level, Apple scored in first place, with Google, Motorola, HTC and Nokia following in that order. One of the other interesting things to realize about this study is that apparently, having access to 4G speeds changes people's perspective, if only a little bit. Here's a quote with the summary of the study,

Summary• Despite Apple’s success, some Android devices are now commanding higher levels of user satisfaction, with the much anticipated iPhone 5 only ranking fifth in device satisfaction in a study of 93,825 US mobile users, behind four Android powered devices.• In fact US mobile users reported a higher satisfaction with their Motorola’s Atrix device (8.57), an Android powered device at a far lower price point, than Apple iPhone 5 users (8.23).The 4G effect• 4G is having an impact on device satisfaction - the top 5 devices for satisfaction in the US are 4G capable devices, and users with a 4G subscription reported a higher device satisfaction (7.76) than those with no 4G subscription (7.28).• Device satisfaction also impacts how satisfied users are with their mobile network operator, with 4G subscribers more positive towards their mobile operator, than non 4G subscribers. It’s a great opportunity for network operators not only to increase satisfaction, but also revenue and loyalty.UK• In contrast, in the UK where there is only one 4G network operator EE, the iPhone 5 is under less pressure from competitive devices, ranking second in user satisfaction.• However in the study of 52,140 UK mobile users, the HTC One X did score higher (8.47) than Apple’s iPhone 5 (8.21).

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Source: OnDevice
Surprised about the Atrix HD, Moto must have a hit with that. I havent been following phones on other carriers that much lately. And Moto over HTC, Nokia and Samsung in brand preference. Almost 94,000 ppl surveyed...

Seems Moto still has a loyal following. They need to reward them, us, me... with an great phone soon. Really liking the Maxx HD tho, so they already have.
How accurate is this? The Rezound? Really?

Seems odd. lol Especially over the Galaxy S 3.
How accurate is this? The Rezound? Really?

Seems odd. lol Especially over the Galaxy S 3.

Well...its an overall thing I assume. Reception, call quality, screen, UI/software, etc. My Rezound has nice LTE and 3G reception....somewhat. I had to reboot it too many times when it gets stuck with no data coming out of a dead zone. Call volume was too low with headphones...Aside from the box it had the better LTE and 3G reception than my G Nex and RAZR. RAZR got better with updates... GNex...didnt hold onto it long enough to find out.... I never used a GS2 or cant comment on them. Maybe not alot of ppl with a GS3 took the survey. Who knows...

Key thing here is the iPhone is at the back of the pack!!!! lol.
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I picked up a Rezound recently and I'm very happy with it. It's a much better phone than I was expecting, I bought it just to tinker with it and it ended up being my work phone of choice. The GPS connects almost instantly indoors or out. (It shames my GNex) Nice sound, good display, choice camera, handy size for using one handed even with your off hand. And I have WildStangs CM10.1 and the Deluxe+ kernel on it and it runs very well. The poll is rather small and it's for stock devices but I'm not that surprised to see it there. My only complaint is that the glass is very easy to scratch. I'll have to use a protector on it.
My wife has a Rezound and couldn't be happier with it. It is a really nice, underestimated phone. It has a great screen, fast processor, and always has better signal than me with my GNex. Battery life is sub par but what smartphone other than the RAZR Maxx is? If you like Sense, which my wife does, its a great phone. She's had it since launch and isn't bugging me for a new phone if that says anything about it.
Sorry, these poll results make no sense. Atrix? Something is very wrong here.